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I’m a Toronto-based financial journalist covering topics on banking, central banks, housing, economics, as well as a wider array of topics in business news and the financial markets. I write a mix of breaking news and long-form analytical pieces on these topics while keeping my ear to the ground for leads and getting industry reactions from experts.

Whether I tell my stories through writing, video, or podcasting, I aim for the dogged pursuit of accuracy and story and fact-driven reporting.

I work at the Financial Post as a finance reporter, covering topics like banking, central banks, fintech, mortgage and housing policy, cryptocurrencies, economic news – as well as any other interesting news that crosses my desk.

I write daily financial news files for the Post and produce short explainer videos that you can find on my media page. I also host two weekly round-up videos to describe what major news stories are coming up in the week ahead on Monday morning and the Seven Stories series that appear on Friday morning.

Moderating and covering live events is also part of my job, and I go where my coverage takes me.

TORONTO ONTARIO: JANUARY 10, 2023—STAFF—Financial Post reporter Stephanie Hughes who covers finance, Tuesday January 10, 2023, [Photo Peter J. Thompson/National Post] [Financial Post/TBA for Financial Post]

Prior to my role at the Post, I worked as a freelancer at BNN Bloomberg as both a digital producer and a chase producer. On the digital side, I was involved in reporting, editing, packaging articles and wire copy for the website, setting up livestreams, and creating graphics to support my original articles.

At BNN, I was also a chase producer, tracking down guests to appear on the show and create research packs for the anchors to properly conduct interviews. This role gave me a better sense of how the live television and broadcast industry works and deepened my pool of contacts in the financial world.

Before BNN, I joined the CTV News team on a freelance basis as we launched the Canadian news shows NewsDay and NewsNight on the Quibi platform. The experience taught me valuable information about launching news shows and how to put together a pre-produced broadcast segment.

At that time, I was also freelancing for Yahoo! Finance Canada, covering topics on banking news, real estate, bonds, and other topics on the financial media radar.

After graduating from Ryerson University’s Journalism program, I worked in the finance world as a business writer at credit rating agency DBRS. Here, I wrote CMBS reports on commercial real estate assets and wrote out research reports that have been featured in the mainstream news media through National Post, Financial Post, BNN Bloomberg, radio as well as many trade magazine publications. I have a passion for learning about complex topics and stories and sharing them with a wide audience.

It was at DBRS (now DBRS Morningstar) that I discovered I had an interest in writing on financial topics, so when I returned to journalism in late 2019, I reported on different business and financial stories.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with many different amazing newsrooms and learned from many talented journalists.

I also have a knack for art, which you can check out on my Instagram or my Adobe Portfolio!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephHughes95

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpdDpnG-3A-Vt4Y83UxB7VQ?

Muck Rack: https://muckrack.com/stephanie-hughes-4

Medium: https://medium.com/@stephaniehughes_20796

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-hughes-15071754/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephaniehughes95/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@stephaniehughes95?lang=en

About Me: https://about.me/stephanie_hughes

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